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Organise all aspects of our client’s company and showcase this to their customers through Virtual Reality APPs and 360º promotional videos. We are all round players able to communicate any message in very different and breathtaking ways using the most interactive channels and technology.

Interactive Virtual Tours APP

Virtual Tours APP

We offer a unique APP to promote your company and showcase this to your customers through a combination of company information, external links and audiovisual marketing. To empower customers to choose their hotel room, restaurant table, luxury yacht, shop online and make reservations through our pioneering virtual reality tours.

Augmented Reality APP

We are focused on educational and touristic programs. A new way of learning using 3D images for smartphones and tablets. One of the advantages of mobile/tablet technology is that we can deliver stories right on the spot. You can use the camera in combination with image recognition technology, to create a virtual layer of communication known as augmented reality.

augmented reality agency
360 Videos VR

360º Video Content

We propose immersive experiences to promote a message for businesses or institutions. The 360º videos gives you the extra value of generating strong emotions and a feeling of freedom. This means less distraction and more attention to the message.

Interactive Presentations

We advise about storytelling and technical solutions, in order to create projects that inform and entertain large groups of people. We create multi-image presentations with high-end audiovisual content production in a real-time graphic solution. We coordinate execution in close cooperation with agencies, audiovisual departments, technicians, staging- and rental companies.

interactive presentation


  • Virtual Tours

    • Personalised APP
    •  Keep privacy
    • Interactivity
    • Informational links
    •  Aerial and underwater

  • Augmented Reality

    • 3D Interaction
    • Education programs
    • Touristic info spots
    • Marketing strategies
    • Multi-devices

  • 360º Video Content

    • Immersive experience
    • Build emotions
    • Viewer total control
    • Video panorama
    • WOW effect

  • Interactive Presentations

    • Endless surfaces projections
    • Real live action
    • Futuristic interactions
    • Impressive communication
    • Multi-touch devices

Get your customised pack within the next 24h and start applying the benefits of high-end audiovisual content and Virtual reality solutions.


Virtual marketing: by providing the latest Virtual Reality technologies to your customers you can promote your business in a way that allows a live experience and feeling of being and trust.

Increase conversion rates: increase your client base and sales by providing realistic, transparent and exciting aspects of your services and products. Provide a tool that gives you the edge on your competitors and assists your customers in their final decision making.

Added value: by highlighting your premium brands, highly experienced team members and highest quality services.

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Recent projects


Luxury and high-end companies.


We are an international company based in Barcelona with offices in Copenhagen and Palma de Mallorca.

We are a specialised and dedicated team with over 10 years experience in the video production and new comms technologies industry. Working collaboratively with other freelance experts and in an exclusive partnership with third-parties top agencies, we know how to manage and deliver the best high-end multimedia services that will wow your crowd.

At Aion360 we believe that the sum of the talents improves our product.


High-End Interactive Solutions


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